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Water Heating Systems

Warm up to reduced hot water costs and increased hot water production

In many facilities, producing hot water is a major energy expense. The inability to produce adequate hot water when needed can severely impact operations. Fortunately, today's water heating technologies offer cost-effective solutions to meet the unique requirements of different facilities.

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Why Electric Water Heating?

Simplified installation and maintenance, added safety, and greater efficiency are only a few advantages.

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Water Heating Performance Measurements

Learn several ways to measure and compare the performance of water heating systems.

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Water Heating Electrotechnologies

Quickly survey a wide range of electric water heating solutions that are available today.

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Electric Resistance Storage Water Heaters

These extremely common units come in a range of storage capacities and are known for their quick recovery times.

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Instantaneous Electric Resistance Water Heaters

Installed at the points where hot water is needed, these small units produce hot water on demand (with little or no hot water storage).

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Point-of-Use Water Heaters

Installed at or near the point where hot water is needed, these storage type units reduce piping costs, lower heat loss, and shorten waits for hot water.

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Air-Source Heat Pump Water Heaters

Remove hot, humid air from laundries or other high heat areas, cooling those areas while essentially providing free water heating energy.

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Pool Heating and Dehumidification Heat Pumps

Use waste heat from heat producing equipment to heat swimming pools or spas. Some versions also provide indoor dehumidification and spot cooling.

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Desuperheater and Refrigeration Heat Reclaim Units

Use waste heat from cooling unit compressors to essentially provide free water heating energy (but only when the cooling unit is operating).

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Multifunction Full Condensing Units

Use waste heat from cooling unit compressors to provide hot water heating energy, and still use for a standalone water heating if cooling is not needed.

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Off-Peak Thermal Storage Water Heaters

Store heat from heat producing equipment during peak activity periods to provide water heating energy at a later time.

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