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Summer Tips

  1. Adjust the temperature
    Setting the thermostat is one of the most controversial issues in a household. Our advice is to set the thermostat for your air conditioner or heat pump at the highest comfortable setting. For most people engaged in daily activities, a setting of 78 degrees will be comfortable. Some people desire a cooler home, but each degree the setting is lowered increases the amount of electricity used.
  2. Change the air filters
    Change your air filters at least once a month. When filters are dirty, air conditioners have to work harder and use more energy to keep your business comfortable.
  3. Maintain your cooling systems
    Have your unit cleaned and checked by a certified Mississippi Power Heating and Cooling Dealer at least once a year for optimum efficiency and performance.
  4. Lower your air conditioning costs
    Do not allow the fan on your central air conditioner to run continuously. It can add uncomfortable moisture to the air and increase your electric bill.
  5. Keep units free of obstacles
    Make sure your indoor air return grilles are not blocked. Do not let trash or weeds block the air flow around the outside unit. Do not close off room air registers or keep doors to interior rooms closed.
  6. Block external light
    Make sure to keep your blinds closed or curtains shut during the day to keep out heat from the sun.
  7. Turn off fans
    Make sure to turn fans off when you are not in that room. Fans don't cool the room, they only cool you by creating a wind chill.